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Root protection for trees in an asphalt environment

The value of a tree increases with age. It creates living space for humans and animals, provides oxygen, stores carbon dioxide, filters dust in cities, serves as a windbreak and provides shade and forms a symbiosis with other living creatures. These strengths flow into the calculation of the so-called economic value. This value, for example based on a 100-year-old beech, is around 300 times higher than your purchase price. The development of high-quality root bridges that support the healthy development of existing trees is all the more important to us.

Magdeburg | Königstraße
Magdeburg |Königstraße


The RADIX A root bridge is always used when existing trees are to be integrated into an asphalted environment such as streets or areas and an area utilization up to the respective tree is desired.



Depending on the design, our root bridges can withstand a dynamic wheel load of 1.5 t (for pedestrians and cars in calmed traffic zones) or 5.0 t (emergency vehicles and trucks, but cannot be used under roads). Due to their modular design and individual production, they are suitable for every building project. Even small height differences or gradients can be compensated by the variable screw foundation. The use of the foundations is correspondingly variable, so that the sensitive root system or lines do not pose an obstacle. Likewise, the pavement stop edge is adjustable according to your building requirement.

No compaction of root area
Expandable modular design
Galvanized steel DIN EN ISO 1461
Dynamic wheel loads up to 50 kN
Height and gradient compensation with millimeter precision
Integrated gas exchange via HUNO® water-air cap
Project-specific manufacturing in our own production


  1. Perforated plate

  2. Root bridge
  3. OPTIONAL: HUNO® plaster stop edge

  4. HUNO® screw foundation
  5. Connectors
Perforated plateSheet steel S235JR (EN DIN 10 027-1)
Root bridgeWelded profile tube construction, multi-part, hot-dip galvanized according to DIN EN ISO 1461 with a lead-free zinc melt (zinc content of 98%) for screwing, self-supporting, for 1.5 or 5.0 t wheel load
HUNO® Plaster stop edgeSheet steel S235JR (EN DIN 10 027 -1), square or round, 15 cm high for fastening to the profile tube construction, horizontally adjustable up to 5.0 cm for alignment in the joint pattern of the slab coverings
HUNO® Screw foundationHeight-adjustable HUNO® ground screws for soil class 3 - 4, with flange plate, dimensions 89 x 800 (1.5 t) or 89 x 1000 mm (5.0 t)
ConnectorsScrews, washers, dowels etc.



Length x Width in cm

stem neck opening in cm 

round | square

Construction height in cm

15 kN 

Construction height in cm

50 kN

50 x 100as required810
100 x 100as required810
150 x 100as required810
200 x 100as required810
   or project-specific manufacturing


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